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Four Two One Rule

June 28, 2017 admintog 2

  Quantum Muse Books just had a very successful convention at PortConMaine. For us a successful convention is one where they don’t throw us […]

Beware the Soapbox

June 21, 2017 admintog 1

by Patrick LeClerc Our writing will always be shaped by our values, our opinions and our politics. That’s inevitable. It’s even more evident in fantasy […]

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Nom De Plume

May 3, 2017 admintog 0

  Or, if you will, pen name. There’s a long history of writers publishing under pen names. The reasons vary. It could be to hide […]

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Digital or Paper?

April 26, 2017 admintog 0

  How do you prefer your books, digital or paper? I am curious. Surveys reveal that in recent years paper book sales are on the […]