Books on the Road


by Raymond M. Coulombe

E-book or paper? When traveling, the logical thing is to have e-books. An awful lot of books can be saved on one electrical device. With that in mind, I’ve been mostly reading books on my phone or tablet.

Still, there is something about paper books. I left on my journey with maybe a half dozen real paper books in the camper van. Now I’ve about twenty. My wife and I just can’t travel without picking up books. Usually it’s library sales or used book stores. We thought we were safe from book clutter as we are camping way out in the middle of a National Forest.

That was not to be. We happened to run into another camper who was decluttering her van. Being book addicts, we could not let that pass. FREE BOOKS! She had everything from tree identification to S/F. I am proud to say we didn’t take all her books. Okay, we took about half of them.

So what about e-books? We’ve been off-grid in the National Forest for two and half weeks. Our only electrical power has come from a couple of small solar panels. One cloudy day I found all my devices were about out of battery power. Then the paper books came out. Life is good.

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