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Doctor Who vs. Dalek at Arsia 2015 in Boston

I’ve just finished updating the 2017 calendar of cons at Quantum Muse.  You can see then here:  If you don’t see a con that you know of, please send an email with information to

In the process of doing this project I was amazed at the amount of cons we have lost in the last year or two.  Some I know were due to location troubles, but I suspect that many were because the people managing them simply got burned out.

It is a great thing to go to a con.  It is an opportunity to meet other fans and build/join a local community.  If inclined you can even dress up for cosplay.  Across the world, there is a con virtually every weekend, some with fun names like: GalaxyFest, AnachroCon, Connooga, ConGlomeration, OutLantaCon, and Combatacon.  

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Go out, have fun.

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