Great Idea for a Story

January 8, 2019 admintog 1

  by Raymond M. Coulombe Everyone has a great idea for a story. I mean absolutely everyone. If you’ve every written and published anything anywhere […]

Strong Female Heroes

December 18, 2018 admintog 0

  by Raymond M. Coulombe Look through the offerings in any bookstore. You’ll find a lot more books with strong female characters. Women have always […]


December 12, 2018 admintog 0

  by Raymond M. Coulombe When I write LITERATURE it’s capitalized for a reason. Picture the word pronounced with a haughty upper crust British accent. […]

Just Throwing This Out There

December 6, 2018 admintog 0

by Patrick LeClerc A while back, fellow QM editor Ray posted an editorial arguing against the thrown knife in literature.Check it out here: ‎ […]