Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quantum Muse Books?

Quantum Muse Books is a hybrid between self publishing and traditional publishers.  QMB only accepts books in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and other related sub genres.  Books are reviewed and only quality books are accepted.  Once a book is accepted it is available as a print on demand book from most every online book seller.  Also it will be available as an e-book from most popular sites.

Why publish with Quantum Muse Books?

There are many options for those rejected by or rejecting the tradition publishing industry.  The current popular trend is self-publishing.  There are many problems with self-publishing such as cost, book formatting, and promotion to name a few.

Most self-publishing sites charge around $200 to make your book available and it has to be sold for about $13 for you to see a profit and they generally do little to promote your book.  Traditional publishers have submission guidelines and are picky about what they accept.  The provide and advance and give a percentage of book sales out in royalties.  However they take the expenses of publishing out or the author’s portion and pay themselves back the advance.  If there is money left after that, then the other will receive royalty payments.

With QMB we are picky about what we publish but we do not pay out an advance, but the Author starts receiving royalties from the first book forward.  Unlike print on demand publishers we do not charge anything for publishing your book.

We see it as a partnership.  If we all do our jobs then we all make money and our authors become famous.  We will promote our selected books for free through our monthly web-zine Quantum Muse and other web sites (a value of over $100).  our book will also be available as an e-book from most popular sites and we will place physical books in physical book stores where they belong.  We help our authors setup readings and signing and provide marketing materials.  That’s a lot for nothing.

How does Quantum Muse Books do all this?

We work through CreateSpace the Amazon print-on-demand service which can be free,  If you don’t think our book formatting and promotion is worth you then you should go directly to CreateSpace and cut out the middle man.  QMB takes a percentage of sales to cover our expenses in setting up, promoting, and selling your book.

Will Quantum Muse Books edit my book?

We will proof read the book before publication but if there are significant gramatical errors in the novel we will send it back for review.

 What do I have to provide for my book to be published?

Assuming your book is accepted we will need your name and contact information, the book in .doc format, the title, a few paragraphs on you and a few paragraphs on your book.

 What rights does Quantum Muse Books acquire from me?

For us to do what we do legally and above board we will need the full copyright to your book, physical, electronic, and any other form that can be though up.  We can revert this back to you upon request but we would be forced to remove it from the print-on-demand system.

How often will I get paid and how much?

That all depends on how quickly the book sells and the vagaries of online sales.  It depends on how many hands it goes through before it gets to the customer who paid for it.  It can be from about $.50 up to about $3 per book depending on who sells it.  Any month where you would earn at least $10 the money will be transferred to your PayPal account.  It is required to have a PayPal account for your book to be published through us.  We live in a digital age and checks are so last century.

Can you help with a cover?

For no change we can provide a plain cover with Title and Author name and minimal back page.  For $125 we can provide a cover customized to your story.  This will not be a full color depiction of a scene from you novel.  That would be hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  Our resident graphic designer/artist will provide a graphic representation of importance to your novel.  Please see designs such as Lockdown on the QMB site.

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