Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN: 9780615842523

No good deed goes unpunished, or so the philosophers suggest. Samuel Rochez did a very good deed and therefore is considered a traitor by the whole human race. Throughout the galaxy he is remembered as the Benedict Arnold of his time. Only in Samuel's case the humans lost the war, and he is reviled as the one ultimately responsible.
For a time he manages to live in anonymity. Upon his discovery he is forced to join a mercenary band on what is supposed to be a simple in and out mission. Soon he finds himself at odds with the band, running for his life, and striving to save the planet and its unusual life forms from destruction.

About the Book
About the Author
Timothy O. Goyette

Timothy O. Goyette is the editor of the web-zine Quantum Muse. Many of his short works are found there. Other short fiction was previously published in the collection Quantum Musings available online and from book stores

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