Digital Voodoo

Digital Voodoo
Publisher: Quantum Muse Books
Publication Year: 2015
Length: Collection of short stories
ISBN: 069259714X

A collection of stories that would fit nicely in the Twilight Zone. A mixture of Humor, serious, science fiction, fantasy, and some oddities.

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About the Book

This is the science fiction short stories and fantasy collection from Timothy O. Goyette. These works have been compared to The Twilight Zone stories in terms of their feel and twists. This collection is broken up into three sections. Like the Greek comedy and tragedy the first two sections are, The Light: science fiction and fantasy humor, The Dark: more serious stories. The third section, The Qucik, consists of a flash fiction, or very short stories.

The Light:
These fantasy and science fiction humor stories run the gambit from time travel and control through digital voodoo with a brief stop with rat gods.

The Dark:
These stories discuss weighter themes from Revenge to the old faith versus science debate. There is even an science fiction and fantasy cross genre story about a blind woman and a snake oil salesman.

The Quick:
This is Goyette’s flash fiction anthology. These are made up of science fiction and fantasy stories along with a couple that don’t really fit into these categories. A damsel in a tower, a man on trial for science, a distrubing view of the afterlife, and many more oddities await in this section.

Reviews for

digital Voodoo

If you have any soul at all, you will be entertained. This is the good stuff. Raymond Coulombe author of Transdimensional Blues and Nomadic Sea Hobo.
fun—to say the least – Fanboys Anonymous

About the Author
Timothy O. Goyette

Timothy O. Goyette is the editor of the web-zine Quantum Muse. Many of his short works are found there. Other short fiction was previously published in the collection Quantum Musings available online and from book stores

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