Coffee Shop Writer

August 23, 2017 admintog 2

  The Coffee Shop writer is a cliche that has some basis in fact. The image is of a “writer” who’s very publicly writing and […]

Hard Science or Not?

August 22, 2017 admintog 0

  My first real S/F love was Hard Science Fiction. Writers of the genre have a good grasp of current science and extrapolate where it […]

Finding Your Tribe

August 17, 2017 admintog 0

by Patrick LeClerc   It’s a difficult thing to write in isolation. For one thing, it’s not easy to find motivation ti write when nobody’s […]

Dystopian Fiction

August 15, 2017 admintog 0

Growing up I read a lot of dystopian fiction. You know the type: totalitarian governments, environmental disasters, atomic war -everything going to or gone to […]

Parallel Worlds

August 8, 2017 admintog 0

Parallel worlds are a regular theme in S/F. The idea is that every decision spits off a new timeline. There are infinite worlds were everything […]