Skill Sets

June 26, 2018 admintog 0

by Raymond M. Coulombe The publishing process is more democratic than ever before. It used to be a pretty high bar as publishing took a […]

Out of favor

June 12, 2018 admintog 0

  by Raymond M. Coulombe There are a multitude of writers, good writers, who’ve fallen into obscurity. Others have fallen out of favor. Ernest Hemingway […]


June 5, 2018 admintog 1

  by Raymond M Coulombe When is it time to end a book series? For example, did John Norman’s Chronicles of Gor really need thirty-four […]

Found in Translation?

May 8, 2018 admintog 0

  Raymond M. Coulombe I realized I was a true literature geek when I actually got excited about different translations of Beowulf. Bored yet? How’s […]