December 12, 2018 admintog 0

  by Raymond M. Coulombe When I write LITERATURE it’s capitalized for a reason. Picture the word pronounced with a haughty upper crust British accent. […]

Darn You Joseph Campbell!

November 6, 2018 admintog 1

  By Raymond M. Coulombe In his landmark book, Hero With a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell explored the hero’s journey. It’s about the archetypal story […]

Out of favor

June 12, 2018 admintog 0

  by Raymond M. Coulombe There are a multitude of writers, good writers, who’ve fallen into obscurity. Others have fallen out of favor. Ernest Hemingway […]

It’s Always Personal

March 8, 2018 admintog 0

by Patrick LeClerc In fiction, as in life, it’s important to distinguish the motivations of the individual from those of the organization to which that […]