Stories About People

October 17, 2017 admintog 0

  by Raymond M. Coulombe You can have a good Science Fiction story that puts the science and technology front and center. You can also […]

The Hero’s Journey

October 10, 2017 admintog 1

  There are common themes in myth, literature, and for that matter, the human condition. For those of us who went to college during a […]

Everybody Dies

September 20, 2017 admintog 2

  I’m not a huge fan of stories where all the heroes die. Sorry, “Game of Thrones.” That’s too high a body count for my […]

A Different Time

September 19, 2017 admintog 0

  Just for grins and giggles, pick up an old book from at least 100 years ago. Make sure it’s not one of the classics […]

Coffee Shop Writer

August 23, 2017 admintog 2

  The Coffee Shop writer is a cliche that has some basis in fact. The image is of a “writer” who’s very publicly writing and […]

Hard Science or Not?

August 22, 2017 admintog 0

  My first real S/F love was Hard Science Fiction. Writers of the genre have a good grasp of current science and extrapolate where it […]