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Nom De Plume

May 3, 2017 admintog 0

  Or, if you will, pen name. There’s a long history of writers publishing under pen names. The reasons vary. It could be to hide […]

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Digital or Paper?

April 26, 2017 admintog 0

  How do you prefer your books, digital or paper? I am curious. Surveys reveal that in recent years paper book sales are on the […]

We Can Be Heroes

April 19, 2017 admintog 2

What makes an effective hero? You know what, that word is too loaded. What makes an effective protagonist? Some people will insist that the protagonist […]

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Where to Start

April 6, 2017 admintog 0

Part of writing a good story or novel is capturing the reader at the beginning.  There are a variety of different approaches but they must […]

Serial Killers

March 22, 2017 admintog 0

Series are a double edged sword. If you are an author or publisher who depends on sales of your books, series are the way to […]