Meet the Author


by Raymond M. Coulombe

Writers have a certain mystique about them. We ain’t normal, and it shows. Some people are fascinated to meet those of us who corrupt words professionally.

That can be a problem. Writing is a solitary pursuit that tends to attract introverts. There are some notable exceptions, but by and large we are not good in crowds. It’s a shame really, as one way to actually sell books is to go out and meet readers.

I see it all the time at conventions. Quantum Muse Books will have a table full of books on display. The author working the table may ask what sort of book the reader is interested in. They may say what they really like is horror. Okay, we have a pretty good selection of that. However, when they find out the author working the table is a writer, they will tend to buy whatever that author wrote. It might not be anything like what they normally read, but hey, they got to meet the author!

Writers create something out of nothing. Some people are amazed by creativity. Thank goodness they are, because otherwise we’d just be writing for ourselves. I just sold an e-book to someone who never read S/F or Fantasy in their life. However, they did meet the author, so that’s a tale they can tell.

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