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Are we satisfied with the best or do we want more? I can’t say for other parts of the world, but here in the U. S. of A. we seem to always want a fifteen on a scale of one to ten. Maybe it’s just popular culture but a silver medal at the Olympics or a movie that isn’t the biggest box office draw is treated as a failure.

“Sorry, number 2, you just weren’t good enough.”

The Guinness Book of World Records holds pages and pages of only the best. There is no such thing as second place. Academy awards, only to the best. Tony awards, only to the best. World cup, you guessed it

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If we started rewarding second through fifth place more and ignored the winners then maybe people wouldn’t set their sights so high. Which results in a stiff neck, by the way.

Let’s face it most people in the world are within spitting distance of average while exceptional is just over the horizon. But what we lack in best-ness we make up for in numbers. We’re easy to get along with and are generally happy in life.

We need to form a club and have tee shirts: mediocre and satisfied. It would be the biggest club on earth. More power to us.

Is this the best blog post ever? Heck no. But who wants to deal with that kind of stress?

Looking forward to surviving the rest of the year,


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