It’s Not Easy Being a God


Writers have god-like powers. They bring characters to life. All writers have that creative power. S/F and Fantasy authors have it even worse. They create whole worlds. Heck, the more ambitions create universes with new laws of physics.

They hold the power of life and death over their creations. They decide who wins and who loses. Does the hero get the girl and win the day? Does evil triumph over good? Some writers find this a heavy burden. You can’t but help become attached to some of your creations. It can hurt to kill them off. (unless you are George R. R. Martin and wholesale slaughter is your thing.)

If you are one of the lucky few, you get some financial reward for your creative efforts. Your literary godhood translates into some real world benefits. Maybe it’s that mansion on the lake or the sports car in your driveway. Maybe it just means you don’t have to work a third job to pay the rent.

For most writers the sad truth is that there are few if any real life rewards. It may mean you’ve missed out on parties and card nights to write. However, you’ve got the writing disease and are hooked. A god’s power and burden is that of creation. Writers have to write.

Then Monday rolls around and you go to your day job. Sunday you had the power of life and death over worlds. Monday you have the power over a fry grill, a filling station, or office paperwork. What a let down. No wonder so many writers develop a drinking problem.

Do you ever wonder of the creator of our universe wears a paper hat and flips burgers for a day job? Maybe our creator has a drinking problem. That would explain a lot.

-Raymond M. Coulombe

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